Gafsa Governorate
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(38) Postnummer i Gafsa Governorate

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Tidszoncentraleuropeisk tid
Område7 807 km²
Befolkning343 360 (Fler detaljer)
Manlig befolkning169 287 (49,3 %)
Kvinnlig befolkning174 073 (50,7 %)
Postnummer2100, 2110, 2111 (35 mer)
PostnummerStadAntal postnummer
2143 - 2151Gafsa5
2180 - 2183El Guetar5

(38) Postnummer i Gafsa Governorate

PostnummerStadAdministrativ regionStadsbefolkning
2100GafsaGafsa Governorate81 232
2110MoularèsGafsa Governorate
2111El KsarGafsa Governorate
2112Gafsa Governorate
2113Gafsa Governorate
2114Gafsa Governorate
2115Gafsa Governorate
2116Gafsa Governorate
2120Ar RudayyifGafsa Governorate30 048
2121Gafsa Governorate
2122Gafsa Governorate
2123GafsaGafsa Governorate81 232
2124Gafsa Governorate
2125El GuetarGafsa Governorate
2130Gafsa Governorate
2131Gafsa Governorate
2132Gafsa Governorate
2133GafsaGafsa Governorate81 232
2135Gafsa Governorate
2139Gafsa Governorate
2140Gafsa Governorate
2141Gafsa Governorate
2142Gafsa Governorate
2143GafsaGafsa Governorate81 232
2145El GuetarGafsa Governorate
2151GafsaGafsa Governorate81 232
2161MoularèsGafsa Governorate
2169Gafsa Governorate
2170Gafsa Governorate
2173Gafsa Governorate
2180El GuetarGafsa Governorate
2181El GuetarGafsa Governorate
2183El GuetarGafsa Governorate
2190As SanadGafsa Governorate7 859
2192Gafsa Governorate
2193Gafsa Governorate
2195Gafsa Governorate
2196Gafsa Governorate

Demografisk information Gafsa Governorate

Befolkning343 360
Befolkningstäthet44,0 / km²
Manlig befolkning169 287 (49,3 %)
Kvinnlig befolkning174 073 (50,7 %)
Manlig medianålder29,6
Kvinnlig medianålder30,3
Företag i Gafsa Governorate498
Befolkning (1975)211 698
Befolkning (2000)323 938
Befolkningsförändring från 1975 till 2015 +62,2 %
Befolkningsförändring från 2000 till 2015 +6 %

Gafsa Governorate

Gafsa Governorate (Tunisian Arabic: ولاية ڨفصة‎ Wilāyat Gafṣa) is one of the 24 governorates of Tunisia. It is situated in central Tunisia, bordering Algeria. It covers an area of 7807 km² and has a population of 337,331 (2014 census). The capital is..  ︎  Gafsa Governorate Wikipedia-sida